Potsdam High School

Senior Superlatives Class of 2010
Best Buddies - Beth Sheperd and Ashley Rose
Best Buddies - Taylor Salisbury and TC Hamberger
Best All Around - Tess Curry and Paul Buchanan
Best Dressed - Justine Nichols and Andrew Matott
Most Likely To Succeed - Maddie Ball and Ben Stone (Missing)
Most Artistic - Danielle Foisy and Casey Dillon
Most Athletic - Olivia Lee and Ryan Mousaw
Nicest Eyes - Alycia Matott and Matt Smith
Tallest Guy/Shortest Girl - AJ Jandreau and Courtney
Class Clowns - Lisa Lyman (Missing) and Kris Weems
Teacher's Pet - Crystal Myler and Mike Ellis (Missing)
Most Likely to Get Lost in a Room with One Exit - Chelsie Baxter and L.J. Kelly
Best Shoulder to Cry On - Kanika Misra and T.J. Rimmer
Nicest Smile - Maddie Laubscher and Taylor Hazen
Most Changed Since 9th Grade - Julia Everson and Austin Belleau
Most School Spirit - Mara Jerome and Greg Burkum
Most Musical - Kate Waters and Evan Drummater
Most Likely to Be Seen at a Party - Natalie Carranza and Rishi Thakur
Class Flirts - Kayla Maroney and Tyler Adams
Friendliest - Megan Burke and Seth Hinman
Most Unpredictable - Kaitlin Murray(Missing) and Andy Rorick
Most Memorable - Liz Laraby and John Bresett
Most Outgoing - Krisha Rice and Chris Reece (Missing)
Most Shy - Courtney Smith and Tyler Willmart (Missing)