Sandstoner Steve (AKA: Corey Neaton)  Steven Hayes, Sebastian Grimberg, Hannah Gingrich, Nathan Gingrich, Brady Turner, Mr. David O'Neil (Advisor)

Potsdam Whiz Quiz Team National Champions

January 24, 2011
Potsdam High School return to the Whiz Quiz competition this was truly remarkable. To win the National Championship shows the hard work and determination of these young scholars. Steven Hayes, a member of the team describes the championship match.
The final round of the tournament, and the Potsdam Whiz Quiz team was facing a marathon. A fifty-minute barrage of trivia questions, double that of a normal match. Potsdam survived the onslaught, overcoming an 80-point deficit to defeat Carthage High School 490-455 and become the WPBS National Champion.
The team, which consists of Hannah Gingrich, Brady Turner, Sebastian Grimberg, and Steven Hayes, and alternate Nathan Gingrich, had won their previous four matches to reach the championship match. Potsdam and Carthage played a relatively even first round, with Carthage leading 80-60. Potsdam had a very strong second (one-on-one) round, leading 130-100.
Potsdam started out slow in the 3rd round, with Carthage taking an 80-point lead. The Potsdam contingent, including advisor Mr. O’Neil, knew they had nothing to worry about, as there was plenty of time to cut into the lead. They began to rebound at the end of the round, narrowing Carthage’s lead to 25 points going into the final round.

The pivotal 4th round featured a wide variety of questions, with everything on the line for the two teams. Neither team wanted to take any unnecessary chances, as an incorrect answer gave the other team a free question. With the tension mounting and time ticking off the clock, the teams were going back and forth, with the score close for the entire round. Potsdam would pull ahead, and Carthage would come right back. Every time either team would take the lead, they would hope for the call of “last question,” but it seemed like the round was taking an eternity. Finally, after 50 hard fought minutes of trivia and Potsdam ahead by 25 points, time ran out and Potsdam became the WPBS Whiz Quiz champions. The win was especially fun due to the presence of Stoner Steve and a select group of fans.

Courtesy of PCS Press