MODEL UN 2010 - 2011


Malone Model UN Conference

March 18, 2011: The Potsdam students went to Malone's first Model UN conference that they have held in 20 years. They were joined by Canton and Northeast Clinton clubs. The guest speaker spoke of Nicaragua and gave a powerpoint presentation on Mission of Hope, a group that goes to Nicaragua twice a year to help children and families with food, education, housing and medical supplies. The three committees collected over 56 dollars to aid children in Afghanistan. The 26 Potsdam students did a nice job representing Potsdam. Sarah Marie Choong won an award for Honorable Mention as a delegate in Security Council, Zachary Hunt won Most Eloquent Speaker in Security Council, and Cassie McCormick won Most Eloquent Speaker in EcoSoc.




The Sixth Annual Potsdam Model UN Competition

Security Council with Arian Mahmoodi and Brady Turner

Latin America Delegation with John Cincinnati and Megan Judware

The Sixth Annual Potsdam Model UN competition was very successful. The following schools attended: Canton, Colton-Pierrepont, Lisbon, Franklin Academy from Malone, and Ogdensburg Free Academy. Watertown could not make it due to excessive snow. At the close of the competition, the Model UN students watched a live streaming from the BBC news of the historical moment of Egypt’s leader, Hosni Mubarak, resigning.

Arian Mamoodi and Brady Turner who chaired the Security Council and dealt with the topics of Nuclear proliferation, Weapons Smuggling, Wikileaks, International Air, Sea, & Land Security. The chairs handed out awards to Canton, Malone and Ogdensburg Delegates.

Jon Cincinnati and Megan Judware were the Latin American Council Chairs. Their topics were: Combating Drug Smuggling, Preservation of the Coral Reef, Education for all Children Ages 5-18, and Curbing Corruption in Governments. Two Lisbon and two Potsdam delegates won awards for best working paper and delegation.

Hui Yang and Francis Clark who chaired EcoSoc handed out awards to Potsdam, Canton, Lisbon delegates. The topics discussed and debated in their committee included Internet Censorship, Empowering Women Globally, Closing the Economic Gap within Countries (between the rich and the poor) and Ensuring Environmental Sustainability.

The largest group was in General Assembly, Chaired by Zach Hunt, Sebastian Grimberg, Alysha Brown. The topics in this Committee were: Toxic & Nuclear Waste Disposal, Organ Harvesting, Protecting, Maintaining, and Developing International Fresh Water Supplies, and Energy Sustainability and Renewable Energy Resources. The chairs handed out awards for best delegations and working papers to Potsdam, Malone and Lisbon delegates.

Economic-Social with Hui Yang and Frances Clark

General Assembly with Alysha Brown, Zach Hunt and Sebastian Grimberg



Model UN Club Sweeps the Lisbon Competition

November 19, 2010 -Congratulations to Model UN Club as they swept the Lisbon Competition on Friday.Joe Barrett, representing Sudan won Best Delegate in General Assembly, Lawrence Hazen,representing India won Best Delegate in Eco Soc, Joey Baxter, representing Cambodia won Best Working paper in the General Assembly, Arian Mahmoodi, representing Egypt won Best Delegate and Best working Paper in the Security Council,and Katie Pierce and Clifford Reilly, representing Bangladesh won Best Delegate and Best Working Paper. Potsdam Model UN students acted with decorum and dignity.


Potsdam's Model UN Club Swept the Canton's Model UN Competition

Brady Turner speaking in the Security Council

Frances Clark speaking in EcoSoc
Potsdam's Model UN club swept the Canton's Model UN competition on Friday, October 22, that seven other schools attended. While the Sandstoners won the overall best delegation award fending off Canton, Ogdensburg, Watertown, Lisbon, Malone, and Colton-Pierrepont, many individual awards were brought home too. Brady Turner won Best Delegate for representing the country of Turkey in the Security Council. Lawrence Hazen won Best Delegate for representing the country of Spain in the EcoSoc. Jake Carter and Liz Miraglia won Best Resolution for representing the country of Pakistan in the General Assembly. Jacob Moose won Best Resolution for representing the country of Turkey in the EcoSoc. Arian Mahmoodi won Honorable Mention for representing the country of Russia in the EcoSoc and Felix Grimberg won Honorable Mention for representing the country of Russia in Security Council. Mrs. Barnes and Ms Lattimer are extremely proud of everyone's efforts

Lawrence Hazen speaking in EcoSoc

Liz Miraglia and Jake carter working on their resolution