Potsdam Drama Club Presents Aida

POTSDAM - The tragic love story Aida will be coming to the stage at Potsdam High School Friday and Saturday evening.

Troy M. O’Brien, a junior participating in his third drama production, is playing the part of Radames, an Egyptian military commander.

“His character is supposed to marry the Egyptian princess and inherit the throne, but he falls in love with a Nubian slave, Aida,” Mr. O’Brien said. “That’s not good, because A she’s Nubian and B she’s a slave.”

Aida will be portrayed by Elaine L. Rava, a senior also participating in her third play.

“Aida is a Nubian princess who is captured by Radames and taken to Egypt as a slave,” she said, adding conflict between the enslaved Nubians and Egyptians escalates when her father, the King of Nubia, is captured and also enslaved.

Further complicating matters is the fact that Ramades is unaware that Aida is a princess.

Playing the part of Amneris, the princess whom Radames is supposed to marry, is Rukan Khondker.

Describing her character, Ms. Khondker said, “She is extremely superficial and kind of a diva for the first half of the show, but then by the end she’s a powerful ruler. It’s an exciting transformation.”

Aida is directed by Sara Wolff and features the music of Elton John and Tim Rice; music the students felt was a nice change of pace from what they’re used to performing.

“Usually we do a more classical-based play and this is rock-based,” Ms. Khondker said. “It’s different, but it’s fun.”

Mr. O’Brien even said the music was his favorite part of this year’s production. “My favorite part is the music. It’s written by Elton John, so it goes without saying, but it’s not boring music.”

Ms. Rava compared this year’s play to what one would expect while attending or performing in a Broadway show.

“It’s more Broadway style,” she said. “There’s more belting parts and that’s way more fun than classical.”

Advance sale tickets are available at the high school or middle school offices and Northern Music and Video. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for seniors or students. Curtain time is 7:30 p.m. for both shows.

Other cast members include Ivan Jukic as Mereb, Spencer Neaton as Zoser, Aubrey Grudowski as Nehebka, Jacob Moose as the Pharaoh and Nick Cincinnati as King Amonasro. Egyptian soldiers will be played by Nick Cincinnati, Jacob Moose, Erik Laubsher, Nathan Moose and Alec Bicknell.

The cast also includes Shannon Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Shea Conley, Savannah Bondellio, Kelsey Travis and Olivia Stitzer as handmaidens, and Olivia Stitzer, Ella Rubio, Shannon Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Shea Conley, Kelsey Travis, Nathan Moose, Noah Chichester, Holly Cruger and Emily Wanamaker as museum patrons.

Courtesy- Courier-Observer